Terms and Conditions

  1. Customer(s) and User(s), directly or indirectly, are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for the use and storage of, the physical dumpster, all the contents placed within the dumpster, the securing, and the placement location of the dumpster for the entirety of the Rental.  “Rental” consists of the dumpster delivery, the dumpster pick-up, the disposing of that dumpsters contents and a final charge associated with disposing of that content.
  2. All County Waste, Inc, has STRONGLY advised customer to place plywood down on driveways.  The delivery, pickup, loading, securing & storing of a dumpster on a driveway may cause damage.  All County Waste, Inc assumes NO responsibility for damage to driveways.
  3. All County Waste, Inc, will not reimburse, provide future credit or pay for any damages arising from the “Rental” including but not limited to the delivery, removing the dumpster from any property or business,  the filling of the dumpster improperly or with hazardous, illegal and/ or not allowed materials. (Review Full List on our Website).
  4. Customer(s) are responsible for ALL charges related to the disposal of the dumpster contents including but not limited to extra charges arising from hazard, illegal or not allowed items placed in the dumpster.
  5. Customer(s) who fail to pay charges or dispute charges after payment have been made are subject to additional fees and charges that arise from the collection of those sums.
  6. All County Waste, Inc, uses industry experience, physical and intellectual resources, safe and well-maintained equipment and our employees to achieve YOUR satisfaction.  We are happy to receive feedback about your rental and experience with our company.
  7. All County Waste, Inc, for any reason whatsoever, may refuse service, cancel orders or end rentals early without any advance notice.  In the event, the order was cancelled prior to delivery by us, without cause, customer will receive a refund or credit.  If customer cancels the order up to 1 day before the delivery date customer will receive a refund minus a $35.00 processing and administration fee.  If customer cancels the order on the day of scheduled delivery, customer will receive a refund lee a $100.00 same-day cancellation, processing and administration fee.
  8. (*) Not all prices, services, offers and/or terms are available for all rentals, in all service areas.  For specific availability, prices and inclusions please call and speak to an account manager.